Dear Judsonites:

Wow, it's hard to believe a year has gone by since our reunion! My intentions were to keep in touch more, and I do apologize. It's just too easy to slip back into old routines and procrastinate doing things like writing newsletters.
For those of you who have email, I have tried to forward on any news of interest. Several of you have kept in touch via the Internet, and I do thank you. For those of you who still are not sure computers are here to stay, and think the internet is just a passing whim, I feel quite confident in stating that both are going to be around for a long, long time. It really is the best and easiest way to stay in touch. You should try it! If you do take the plunge, email me your email address so I can add it to the list and pass it along.
Speaking of email, I am getting several notices when I do send out a group email about "undeliverable addresses". Please check to make sure I have your latest email address and, if there is a correction, email it to me. I will send it to the rest of the group.
I am enclosing two emails from two classmates who have spent a lot of time trying to keep us connected. The first is from Alan Mc Connell, who spent many hours uploading twenty some pictures onto our intranet site. If you haven't joined it, his directions are on the back of this letter. Many of the pictures will bring back some fun memories. You can also leave messages etc. here for others to read. The second email is from Doug Michelson. He has developed his own website and is evidently working on a Judson reunion in some exotic place. There is even talk of that cruise we bantered about last year as a possibility. He needs your input. It only takes a few minutes to check out these sites, so let's get involved.
The enclosed class list has a few additions and corrections, but I'm sure it is somewhat out of date. So, again, send me any updates. Let's keep looking for others to add to the list, too. Remember, we all decided we would each try and find one more classmate. With the Internet, it's not all that difficult, and it is really a thrill when you do connect. I have developed a group email for our gang, so any emails you send me I can pass along with one stroke. Makes it simple!
Sherry Raskin sent me a copy of her "Roving Reporter" article, featured in the last issue of the 1958 school newspaper. It is priceless, as I'm sure you will all agree. And she was only projecting 15 years into the future! Also, I've included one of Harvey Smith's many "memories". I do vividly remember the Porsche in the dining hall, but was, of course, unaware of the bonus in the trunk.
Again, thanks to all of you who have kept in touch with good news and, unfortunately, some sad news. I love hearing from you. Let's really start thinking and planning for that next reunion. I vote for some place's well over 100 degrees here now, and has been for several weeks!

A big hug to each of you,
Jane Evans