What is Judson today?

Here are some pictures of what Judson is today. I visited Judson and took a roll of pictures for you all to enjoy. What has been happening at the old property? Well , the development company has redone the entire area, reploting it into 34 lots. It is quite a spectacular gated community. There are four over one million dollar houses under construction, and more in the making. WOW!

Well you all remember how great it was in December when your parents would write from Chicago, that the winter snows had come and they were up to their ears in it. Scottsdale was just lovely weather the week I was there; December 17-24,2002. I went shopping. I visited old friends, many of them former Judson students. I had many lovely dinners. It is SPECTULAR PLACE to be this time of year. Next time I will play golf.

How is Barbara and Henry? They are both just fine. There are pictures of them both, and some other Wicks, pets and visitors. I enjoyed talking to them all . I enjoy putting this up for you all to remember. As usual the warmth and respect of the Wick’s is still there. I hope it shows through. We took a few pictures with some old sports trophies.

The judsonalumni.com site is still going. We need help in making at least 4 pages per year telling what is going on in the various graduation years. Mary Catherine how about it? Anyone has new emails or address be sure to go to "other stuff" and put them in the guestbook!

Doug Michelson