Drinking at Los Olivos by --d.j. michelson

The set up was a bar and restaurant in Scottsdale we could remember from our days at Judson. It was a nice room, and we had a spot where we could all gather. Eats, were what the $8 covered. The drinks were reasonable and good. I bought a lot of margaritas for myself and friends. Jane Evans looked collegiate in a sweater and Edie Zeeman helped organize the check in. She was really enjoying the reunion, as we were having her. She is a blonde now because blondes have more fun. Doug Michelson came from Las Vegas and took a lot of the pictures. Shelly Wright arrived in her beautiful red Cadillac. Arizonaís wealthiest person, Judd Herberger was there full of stories. Nancy Vandergrif , a Sedona artist talked with him about a commission she had done for him. Ralph Applegate, developer extraordinaire, explained the saving qualities of his million dollar lots located in the millionaire area of Carefree. These are the most breathtaking views of the valley of the Sun and of the Boulders, you could ever get. Recent road completion will make it easy to drive your limo to.

Look at the pictures and see best dressed Consie Wick arrival, a la dark glasses, and fabulous outfit. Phil Schnieder, with his hand on the pulse of the management/consulting business to keep this boom going, advised us to have another margarita as it will all take care of itself. Attend reunions. Another consultant, Susie Fried was there checking it out. Larry Kolb and wife, was there with his/her fashion black leather jackets. Must have cost a fortune at Neimans. Bruce Doran (see his contribution to pictures) was there and talked lots with Jerry Barth. Jerry is showing us his diploma which he brought for show and tell. Most changed was Sherry Raskin, She made the trip to sunny Arizona from cold Chicago. Kendra Graham made a lot of people feel at home. She is a gracious person. A real pretty blonde girl at Judson. Suzy Smart made the rounds talking to everyone. Su-Z still has lots of things to connect her to the valley of the sun. She spends part of the winter here and makes these reunions from her forest home in upper California. Harvey Smith flew over from lower California. See site guestbook for note on his latest book. Frank Brageitotti was there wearing a blonde on his sleve. The blonde, Chris happened to go to Judson a few years after he did. Nancy Hoard still has a nice smile and lots of humor and tolerance for reunion things. Lisa Hoard sells real estate in the north valley. Dave Barclay had a good time seeing old friends and telling them of his life in the USAF, and after retirement. Many of this group are now of retirement age. Dave Wick now twenty years into retirement continues to advise his ranch school in Sedona area. That is him with Barbara Wick who brought greeting from many other Wicks, including Henry. Nancy Stimpson made intellectual chatter with several of her closest friends. Reserve and stature come to mind. Hank Wick was excited about the fishing trip he was leaving on Saturday morning to Mexico with several Judson buddies. . We are glad he made it as it would not be a proper reunion without him. Golka shows up in several pcitures. And Alan Mcconnel went there in 1956. Gee that sounds so long ago, but in truth is the first year I went there.

You learn something new every reunion, and for me this was that Jane and Jessie Evans had another sister at Judson, Nancy. This time also Fashion Square was mind blowing. Our motel was located right next to it. It is SO BIG and has such shopping facilities Ė 4 or five huge department stores and hundreds of shops--- that you canít imagine. I included some pictures of Fashion Square and the model is me. I didnít want you to confuse it with Tom Cruise. He,he ! Goldwaters was all there was back when, and across the street the Safari which is no longer there, is a vacant lot awaiting development likely by the next reunion.

It was fun. Thanks to you all for coming and participating.