BBQ in the DESERT:

It was a mild sunny afternoon in the Valley of the Sun. We were at 332012n 0862108w gps reading on the instrument. A low sloping berm about 300 yards away made it seem like you were sitting in a bowl. There was several type of trees. None of them old enough to have been here when I ran off the road. It was mid day now, early morning then. I was looking for ABC ranch then, Judson reunion now. No gps thingy in 1956, it was navigating by the cactus and the occasional jack rabbit. Scottsdale road turned to dirt then, now the loop 101 brought you out by freeway, and it continued to Cavecreek 4 lanes across. There were no curbs then, now "big spec" state road. Today the beer was cool. I choose popular Coors like then, but the light version. Light is Coors' assurance that an extra one is still within my diet. The women were pretty and personable.

Alan had come out on the airplane from Indianapolis. He was driving a white airport car. Mitshubisi, I think, spelled something like that or the spell checker would have told me by now. I can remember my dad brought me out to Judson. We rented a car at the airport, a 1956 black Chevrolet sedan. How about you? Do you remember your first trip out to Judson? Alan remembered and had a picture of him and me in that 1956 yearbook. Go ahead and change that map to Indian bend rd. and Mockingbird lane. Yea, there it is now. No more Judson School, just 34 $850,000 lots and so far 18 of the 34 are built and cost $4 million dollars each or more. . Mind boggling. Alan took the fine photos with his digital Minolta.

Sherry had come from cold Chicago. She had found our gem of a motel right in the very heart of Fashion square, next to Dillards. We all checked in there. No we weren't sleeping in the mall, but it was that close. We all had a room here not unlike Safari during graduation week, 1958. Safari is not there now. It had come and gone since when I am talking about in Scottsdale. Next reunion they will have built a whole new plaza where there is a vacant lot now. We all enjoyed some time talking together. Someone note in OTHERSTUFF our collective notebook, addressbook, why this is such a great reunion.

We all were looking forward for the third or fifth time to seeing Jackie Castle. She was going to drive up from Tucson, where she lives now. Some things never seem to come true, and that was one of them. Her relation to celebrity keeps her away? Some how related to the record "Blue Bayou" ? You figure it out. My fame as Senator does not excuse me, why should it her? Ted Mohlman had got permission to be in Palm Beach at an "in-ing" his brother in-law into the Polo hall of fame, or he'd been here. Say didn't he and Jackie go together? Anyone see Spongebob squarepants? He was here talking about the 1980's group. Micky mouse was another casualty of supercool. Here it was Saturday afternoon. Remember Saturday classes, and the Saturday bus to Scottsdale after classes? Getting ready for a Saturday night date? Remeber Goldwater's new store opening in Scottsdale? Or Barry Goldwater for President of USA?

It is BBQ chicken and beef, salad and corn, rolls, soda and beer. Makes me hungry just thinking of it.. My favorite at Judson was breakfast. Ralph made the best hash brown potatoes and eggs, and orange juice. How about you? Did you have a favorite food or talk about that with anyone? Hey you guys who did not come missed out on a good meal. Thanks Jane for such a good deal.

Everyone showed up. There were about 5 tables by 9 each. The only thing that did not work exactly as Jane planned it, was that volley ball game. Somehow, that is now a bit beyond this group. NEXT time we are bringing Ron Fired from the 1980's. He and his dreadlocks buddy Rosen will join in the volleyball. Don't suggest that by the next time it may be beyond them. Don't be a spoilsport. Isn't he President of something?

On your mark, get set, go! Yea! That was us at the Casino in the desert. The place was packed. It had every kind of slot machine. It is run by the Pima indians. Who are they you say? Well Doug told us the story about the most famous of the Pima Indians in WWII, Ira Hayes. Ever hear of him? Well he was one of the five who raised the flag on Ima Jima. One of 25 of 250 who lived to tell the story. The DOD made him a hero like Jessica Lynch. What really made him famous was the song which Johnny Cash sang about him, the Marine who went to war. Give it a listen. The show we saw at this nice facility was first class. They had nice show girls, a magician, impersonators, and commedians. We had dinner before and after the show. Everyone had a good time.

We all met at the Fashion Square restaurant for brunch. See the pictures. They say it all. I had the best eggs benedict. you should have been there. We said our good byes and made promises that we would meet again in two years. We should do it more often at our age, as time could overtake your commitment.

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