Judson luxury reunion March 3-5,2006 in Scottsdale is now a thing of the past.

Shelley (Wright) Davis 58' did a fine job in getting together one of the truly great reunions. She strategized its timing and put together a great program of fine food, and fine wine, and fine friends, and fine music. What more could an alumni ask for? She also showed up with a great group of alumni friends who are shown below. She had a great deal in common with most all who did the reunion. After Judson she was involved in a family business. She has a nice family, a son and a daughter and three grandsons. She works, drives a nice car and that keeps her busy.

Douglas Michelson 59' was Shelly's partner in planning the reunion. It was a joint effort in planning and doing the reunion. He showed up where he was suppose to on time and with a smile, camera clicking. He attended Judson then graduated University and went in the family jewelry manufacturing business. After that he went into politics and was successful becoming a Senator. After a decade of politics he went into the metal business and retired from that in Las Vegas.


Here is the Greenspan portrait which set the technique for our online pictures this year. Here is the result of your kind cooperation in the picture taking. This year the theme on the site was pictures like the now famous Greenspan pictures (http://www.erincrowe.com/ ) (one to the left. )which sold on e\Ebay for big money. I did all our pictures with the same technique. What do you think? Do you approve greatly? Send money for a nice print of yours as seen here. Only $110,000.

Consie Wick Stobbs 59' showed up dressed to the hilt. She went to Arizona State University then had a family and took a job in the family business JUDSON SCHOOL. She misses the many duties in the JUDSON school office, and recruiting and running the school . but has moved on in an exciting lifestyle in Scottsdale. She enjoyed talking to her friends and meeting new people. She keeps busy with her five horses kept next to her Paradise Valley home and her family obligations. She has two daughters both of who were JUDSON students but were unable to add their presence due to prior obligations. She has a liking for business channel tv show with economist Larry Kudlow and other business personalities.


Don Bell 53' came all the way from Las Cruses, New Mexico. When he attended Judson, it was a boys school. He graduated and went on through college at New Mexico State University and worked as a professional engineer for city, county, and state government. He also was a member of the NM State Board governing Engineers during the same time Senator Michelson's committee heard bills on that subject. His father a professional forester and was the person who saved "SMOKEY THE BEAR" and sent him on to Washington,D.C. Such an interesting Judsonite. His wife attended with him and enjoyed the reunion. He enjoyed conversations with many of the reunion attendees.



Hank Wick 57' felt things moved along the schedule with great precision. Dinner Friday night was from a great selection Shelly had negotiated with the Chaparell Hotel, and served amid music from the 1950 and 1960 from Doug's computer. There was a 1958 reading available before each table setting. Whether is was about the Varsity Club dance at ABC Ranch or whether it was honor role, it was interesting reading in the 25 CHOLLA's (the Judson newsletter) that had been preserved from 1958 for this evening. Hank enjoyed the Czechoslovakian beer which was the house specialty during our happy hour. He told us about the full life he led thus far having got his advanced degrees after work at University of Arizona and Arizona State University, then a stint in the Navy and years of toil at the JUDSON campus keeping everything in line from the office to the classroom. He enjoyed running the finest Private School in the West with his father and family and one of the great list of teachers and workers who made it all work. One of his two sons was expected to make it to the reunion as class representative. Both attended Judson. Hank brought greetings from his father, Henry Wick who has aged beyond attending reunions.

Carol Kaozor Walters 60' brought her yearbook and we were all able to see. That made it great fun. She talked about her life at Judson and after leaving Judson. She moved to Surprize, Az after retirement and keeps in condition on a swim team.


Denis Marque 53' was one of the older classes represented at our reunion. He had a lot in common with Don Bell so they felt good talking with how it was when they were there. The west most Western town was starkly different then as was then all boys environment. He went on to University and then worked his entire career at Motorola till 1991. After that he started a new a real estate business and does full service here in a very good real estate market. His wife attended and found a kindred spirit in Mrs Bell .

Jacquelyn Michelson 62' let us have a blast from the past on her group. She graduated from the University of New Mexico in Journalism. She took a selling job in the family jewelry business, married and moved to Phoenix where she had four children. It takes a lot of time and effort to deal with that on a day to day basis. And the success is in their success and joy in life. No certificates for that. For twenty years she had a large home in Paradise Valley and sold that to move to smaller retirement digs up in Grayhawk in Scottsdale. She shared a lot of old times with some of the locals. She has written a book and for years wrote travel articles for an Arizona magazine. She works with the Saver Heart Clinic of the University of Arizona.


Harry Kissel 57' came all the way from from Malibu, Ca. He was one of the cool guys who lived in the shacks. His was the one near the water tower. He enjoyed the reunion in a reluctant way. Thanks for coming.



Larry Kolb 58' showed me some of the new photos of his ranch . It is a huge ranch on the edge of Missoula, Montana an area which has increased in value because it became the mecca for "celebrity ranches" . He has spent most of his time in Missoula since graduating from Arizona State University. He has done several sub divisions developments and always managed to be in the "in" in deer and elk hunts in that area. He has so many trophies he is adding a special room to his hunting lodge. ( a house so big and beautiful and suited to him no other description would so aptly apply) He has a large family and enjoys coming to his Arizona home up near the Boulders resort up north Scottsdale road. His lovely wife attended and made great conversations with some of the locals. She know how to fit things in a busy schedule. Larry was first runner up in the best dressed contest always handsomely outfitted whether it is for the ranch or for the hunt or for the reunion in the valley of the sun.


Consie Wick Stobbs 59' won our best dressed contest this year. [see above]. She wore a beautiful black and white stripe dress by some designer. ( It must have cost as much as a new shotgun. ) It had four buttons on the sleeve which made it suit like and accented the long sleeve. She could have worn it on Kudlow's tv show or at the Judson reunion; it was that versatile. Thanks for the honor and importance you showed to our meeting by dressing up.