Henry C. Wick III 96, passed away April 28,2007 in Scottsdale at his home and site of Judson School. He was Director of Judson for over 50 years. He was born March 20,1911 in Cleveland, Ohio. He grew up with the best of schooling graduating from Yale University in 1934 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He served in the United States Army, where he was a Captain, and recieved a purple heart, in WWII. In 1936 he moved to Arizona and by 1938 was a teacher at Judson, teaching every subject including riding. After working with Mr. Judson for a number of years, he took over Judson School. He was licensed under the State of Arizona; and a leader for many year of the National Association of Independent Schools, The American Boarding Schools Association, the Western Boarding Schools Association, the Western Association of Independent Camps, and the Arizona Association of Independent Schools. He pioneered western boarding schools featuring the best academics and college preparatory. Every afternoon there was and horse riding, polo, sports, tennis, golf, baseball, football, soccer and computer labs, English as a second language, university prep where they were given special help on SAT tests. Judson was know for the celebrity kids who went there and all the valleys most prominent families sent their kids there. In 1956 he made Judson coed. Judson was in the Scottsdale parade. He was a member of the Episcopal church built across from Judson. He was politically active always having the best and most powerful politicians as commencement speakers, or visitors. The list of Senators, Ambassadors, Congressmen, Councilman and others is very long. He was on Goldwater Fund raising committee and contributed to other committees for sixty years. He supported the incorporation of the school property in Paradise Valley. He will be truly missed by his many good friends in Scottsdale and world wide. He is survived by his children, Henry Wick 4 , Constance Wick, who made careers at Judson. Nothing made Henry as happy as giving up those duties to the next generation in the school business. He had another family with Jane with who he had Kent, and gathered in more kids of his own, Susan and Richard Fried. He had another family late in his life with Barbara who always had an open door on the family home. With Barbara he had Alexander, Ginny and Alysia, all who went to Judson and graduated there. No one put in more time making Judson a friendly place to foreigners than Barbara. Without that security they couldn't have learned English in one of the countries most successful English as a second language programs. He is survived by other family members; and near to his heart his grandkids, each one named in his will. They are Alyssa, Wendi, Henry 5, Ryan, Jared, Paula, Kyle, Skylar, Farrah.

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