recollections from the Wick Wake

Here is how a few of the attendees saw it..
"LITTLE CHILDREN, LET US LOVE, NOT IN WORD OR SPEECH, BUT IN TRUTH AND ACTION' 1- John 3-18 . Daddy never lectured , he just set an example. From picking up paper, that needed to be picked up on the Judson School campus , to solving problems that needed to be solved. Believing in a loving Heavenly Father has always been easy for me, since I had such a loving father here on earth . - So many children , and enough love for all of us-. Daddy was just "Love in Action". Thank you ,God, for my Daddy. Love, Consie Wick Stobs

A well done high Episcopal service. Michele Bochat Anderson
A fitting service.. Jane Evans
A celebration of his life. JT Michelson
Powerful! Judd Herberger
Amen. Reverend Barton
Onward Christian soldiers. Mr. Gray
I dedicate "Amazing Grace" to him. Nancy Hoard Glenn.
Teach us now to say goodbye, that we might learn from you. Barbara Wick