Dear Judsonite,

There is no other way; you must come to the next reunion. What am I to tell you ? That there were fine eats, and a superb cocktail party. That everyone looked great all dressed up and enjoying themselves. The inner warmth from a friendship of long ago renewed is what a Judson high school reunion is all about. It was worth the money. Some of you didn't make it this year and had in the past. We missed you. We, your friends missed talking to you and having a bit of nostalgia growing older together. We talked about the kids or the grandkids or the new job or the old one which feels so good. What ever your station now in life, it is talking about what was, that makes it fun. It is talking about goals achieved or the road we traveled that helps us plan ahead or measure our success. Perhaps you just had a messy divorce and restarted your life. A reunion is all the psychiatrist you need to realize that you can do it all again. That there is more love ahead in your life. There is another reunion planned for 2/26/10. See you there.

We have a lot of good pictures at the site http://judsonalumni.com/pictures.htm go there and see if our paparazzi got you this time. Write us back and share some of your thoughts about what you did at the reunion. mailto:judson@judsonalumni.com?subject=finalreunion and for sure bookmark for next reunion and this site and send us your email.

Sincerely, class reps http://judsonalumni.com