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Michelson, (edited) but Newsy Newsletter

Our group is the best! We sort of all feel that way so have set out several newsletters written by several people. You merely need to click on them and you will be wisk to your group, and their fun night at Ron's house, a event at the Pink Pony, or dancing at Polyesters. We plan something to please you. Have fun!

1950 Everyone deserves a mention and our group was the best 1950-60!


1970 Holly gives us the latest from the greatful dead of 1970's .

NEW!! Mary Catherine tells it all about 1975-76 groups night at the 2000 reunion.

1980 A night at Ron's House by Susie Barnes, with help by others 1980-90

1990 Youth has its own benefits, stamina what went on after the others went home. 1990-2000.

And again we thank Bart Simpson who gave us the high sign on editing. He accepts repsonsibility for all.

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