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Read here on details from the reunion. You should have come.

Here arepictures from the reunion 2008. Our plans are now for a reunion in two year 2010. Stay in touch.

Final details on reunion JUNE 21-23,2008 Scottsdale--3 day affair everyone is coming. here are details and hotels. details.

Here is what is schedule for 2/28/2008. Planning reunion contact for further details. And here are the last reunion pictures.

Here is what is scheduled for 3/3/2006-- YEA! a reunion in scottsdale. You are on short notice so get the money in and make space on your calendar. Here are all the details. REUNION DETAILS

I can hardly wait to get out of the cold and into SPRING IN ARIZONA.. make a call to your friend and attend together. Send an email to every Judsonite on you xmas list. Please help us contact everyone. All groups welcome. Leaders please advise back for each class group if you have 5 or 8 persons. http://judsonalumni.com If you want to prepay with a credit card or by pay pal you can do so here.

Use this button to pay your registration fee $75. You must tell us in you email your specifics. This is for your convience so you can charge it to your visa/mastercard charge card, and so we know immediately you will be coming.

charge my credit card $75 registration fee see details inside what it covers.

Here is what is scheduled for 2/2005. Judsonites take a Mexican Rivera cruise together. Look here if you want to join the group. Prices are great. Please act now as deadlines apply. cruise details

HERE are the SECOND INSTALLMENT 2/21/04 reunion photos by Alan McConnell, Barbara Wick, and Bruce Doran photos 2/21/04 and here is what doug has to say about it. final recollections by doug
HERE are the Judson 2/20/04 reunion photo--first installment--and photos 2/20/04 and here is what doug has to say about it. update by doug

here is what doug has to say about it. update by doug

WELCOME JANE! This 6 months we are featuring "Musing by Jane" which should bring everyone up to date. musing by Jane and

new found website which may be the biggest of all, at least as far as names. classmates.com remember to come back if you take this link. there's more.. and

see OTHER STUFF for our fully fuctional N&a book, and message board. We had been having trouble with it, and finished constructing it. So be sure to go there, as it is full of creative energy. I just love those red type faces. names and address and see lesson on how to leave a message for your classmates.

We have left a link to Susie Barnes well written letter which you may have read here last visit. susie barnes last year

And here are some real fun sites. the first is links to the best games on the internet. Many of you may have hear about "Doom" the high powered stand alone game, well this is its equivalent. So all you girls get to give it a try here without putting out those big bucks for the CD. And it is not alone; there is tank and a spaceman feature. Try it you will like it. games and more

You can't live in Las Vegas, like I do and not find a poker machine or two around. Today, June 6,2001 our legislature passed the internet gambling bill, which should provide you the fun online. You still have to come to Las Vegas for the other stuff. Anyway here is a experience from the newest HOTEL to open December 2001. for your slot machine experience poker slot machine

See about our family groups here.new stuff

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